Mathilde Baillarger





Textile design





We spend our lives accumulating memories, they build us. So how to live without them, without any indications of the past?




"This is the starting point of my Mnemosyne project. Inspired by « Pas de mémoire, mémoire de pas » written by Driss Ksikes, I created this character, this woman who is looking for her memories. « She » it’s her only name, not completely humanized, it could be me, all these women that I know, or just the unknown one I cross.

So, what goes through the mind of « She ».

A colorful range allowed me to start this series of creations. Based on the stage directions of the text, and on my own nightly photography, blue invade space.


Melancholy and memory blank…




Slowly, the shades of color evolve, are thinning. As the image of the street lamp illuminating the character, and the return of this memory in the stage directions.



Reconstruction... »


Textile design and making: Mathilde Baillarger

Sound designer: Anthony Caruana

Date: 2012

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