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The 178 faces of Amsterdam


"Amsterdam. Who are those people who populate the street of the city?


The 178 faces of Amsterdam is a collection of embroideries highlighting the vast diversity of nationalities of the residents of the city. Amsterdam is currently the most cosmopolitan city of the world, in diversity of nationalities.  It’s this facet of the city, often underestimated by these inhabitants themselves, that is at the heart of this project. Put the spectator in front of this multiculturalism.


Each pattern is unique and inspired by the culture of each country."


Pattern design and embroidery: Mathilde Baillarger

Date: 2017




Mathilde Baillarger is part of an artistic group, composed by photographer Pim Wisselink and herself. For their exhibition People, presented at Sexyland the 6 of august 2017 in Amsterdam, they drew an image of the cultural diversity of Amsterdam by highlighting the differences and the similarities.

At this occasion, the complete collection of embroideries was visible.


People exhibition:

Artists: Mathilde Baillarger and Pim Wisselink

Sound designer: Thomas van der Fange

Graphic design: Coralie Rocque


with the support of DMC



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